Schedule of Events

Feb 210:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Feb 610:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Feb 910:00amPlaygroup
FRC, Siren
Feb 95:00pmFamily Fun - Valentine NightFRC, Siren
Feb 1310:00amPlaygroup

FRC, Siren

Feb 1610:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Feb 181:00pmSledding


Feb 2010:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Feb 21
Feb 2310:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Feb 235:00pmLil ChefsFRC, Siren
Feb 2710:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Mar 210:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Mar 610:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Mar 910:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Mar 1310:00am
FRC, Siren
Mar 1610:00amPlaygroup

FRC, Siren

Mar 165:00pmSt. Patrick's Family Fun NightFRC, Siren
Mar 2010:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Mar 2310:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Mar 2710:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Mar 3010:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Mar 305:00pmLil ChefsFRC, Siren
Apr 310:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Apr 45:00pmLil ChefsFRC, Siren
Apr 610:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren

Apr 10

10:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Apr 135:00pmEaster Family Fun NightFRC, Siren

Apr 17

10:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Apr 2010:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren


is more important

than your family!

We are unable to continue holding swimming lessons. Thank you for your participation over the years. 

Casino Night Fundraiser

A BIG thanks to everyone who came out to support us! Also a big thanks to everyone who donated or volunteered. 


Burnett County Family Resource Center, INC