Schedule of Events

Oct 2010:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Oct 205:00pmHalloween Fun NightFRC, Siren
Oct 2410:00amPlaygroup
FRC, Siren
Oct 2710:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Oct 3110:00amPlaygroup

FRC, Siren

Nov 110:30amBosom Buddies - Breast FeedingFRC, Siren
Nov 310:00amPlaygroup

FRC, Siren

Nov 710:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Nov 10
10:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Nov 105:00pmLil ChefsFRC, Siren
Nov 1410:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Nov 1510:30amBosom Buddies - Breast Feeding Support GroupFRC, Siren
Nov 1710:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Nov 175:00pmThanksgiving Craft NightFRC, Siren
Nov 2110:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Nov 24
FRC CLOSED -Happy Thanksgiving

Nov 25
FRC CLOSED - Happy Thanksgiving

Nov 2810:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Dec 110:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Dec 510:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Dec 610:30amBosom Buddies - Breast Feeding Support GroupFRC, Siren
Dec 5:00pmHoliday CraftingFRC, Siren
Dec 810:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Dec 1210:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Dec5:00pmHoliday Part
Dec 1510:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Dec 1910:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Dec 5:00pmLil ChefsFRC, Siren
Dec 2010:30Bosom Buddies - Breast Feeding Support GroupFRC, Siren



is more important

than your family!

Burnett County Family Resource Center, INC

Family Resource Center Fall Raffle

1st Prize - Kindle Bundle          2nd Prize - $75           3rd Prize $50

Tickets are $2 each or $5 for 3

Drawing will be held on November 12, 2016