Schedule of Events

Please RSVP for Family Events

Aug 2310:00amPlaygroupCrooked Lake Park, Siren
Aug 2710:00amPlaygroupCrooked Lake Park, Siren
Aug 29
9:00amBosom Buddies - Breastfeeding GroupFRC, Siren
Aug 2910:30amFRC Staff Story timeLarsen Library, Webster
Aug 3010:00amPlaygroupCrooked Lake Park , Siren
Sept 3
Sept 59:00amBosom Buddies - Breastfeeding GroupFRC, Siren
Sept 610:00amPlaygroupCrooked Lake Park, Siren
Sept 1010:00amPlaygroupCrooked Lake Park, Siren
Sept 105:00pmPlay Ball (kick ball and t-ball)Siren Ball Field
Sept 12
NO Bosom Buddies
Sept 1310:00amPlaygroupCrooked Lake Park, Siren
Sept 175:00pmFamily Fun and Games
Thoreson Park, Granstburg
Sept 1710:00amPlaygroupCrooked Lake Park, Siren
Sept 199:00amBosom Buddies - Breastfeeding GroupFRC, Siren
Sept 2010:00amPlaygroupCrooked Lake Park, Siren
Sept 2410:00amPlaygroupCrooked Lake Park, Siren
Sept 269:00amBosom Buddies - Breastfeeding GroupFRC, Siren
Sept 2710:00amPlaygroupCrooked Lake Park, Siren
Sept 294:00pmFamily Hike & Campfire DinnerDNR Campground, Grantsburg
Oct 110:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Oct 39:00am
Bosom Buddies - Breastfeeding GroupFRC, Siren
Oct 410:00am
PlaygroupFRC, Siren
Oct 810:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Oct 10
NO Bosom Buddies

Oct 1110:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Oct 1310:00amFall Finale Wildlife Festival

Crex Visitor Center, Grantsburg

Oct 155:00pmLil ChefsFRC, Siren
Oct 1510:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Oct 179:00amBosom Buddies - Breastfeeding GroupFRC, Siren


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Thank You to our  Donors!

Otto Bremer Foundation        US Bank            United Methodist Church - Webster/Danbury

Benevity Causes        Amazon Smile          Yellow Lake Lutheran Church         Women of Life Clam Falls Lutheran Church

Burnett County Health and Human Services       GLITC        PBEC Operation Round Up       

   Burnett County Prevention Coalition      Voyager Village Arts and Crafts Committee

WE Energies Foundation     Nexen Corporation      Monarch Paving   

And all Individual donors and volunteers! 

Fun and Fit Families Programming is out 

Our summer and fall programming focuses on getting families outside on our county's trails, lakes, and parks to recreate together. Join us to discover our natural resources while having fun with your family. All activities will include a healthy snack. See activities page for individual activity details. Please RSVP when possible. When you attend activities (playgroups count), you earn chances to win prizes at the fall finale. Save the date for our Fun and Fit Finale at Crex Meadows with prizes on October 13th. 

Summer Wellness Challenge

Get you summer Wellness Challenge cards now. The challenge runs June 1-August 31. Pick one activity a day to do and have parents check you off. Turn in the cards and win prizes! 


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