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than your family!

Schedule of Events

Jul 3

Jul 4

Jul 59:00amBosom Buddies - Breastfeeding SupportFRC, Siren
Jul 610:00amPlaygroupCrooked Lake Park, Siren
Jul 65:00pmPrenatal Breast Feeding Group

FRC, Siren

Jul 1010:00amPlaygroupCrooked Lake Park, Siren
Jul 105:00pmRiver Mucking w/ Picnic

Riverside Landing, Danbury

Jul 129:00amBosom Buddies - Breastfeeding supportFRC, Siren
Jul 1310:00amPlaygroupCrooked Lake Park, Siren
Jul 1710:00amPlaygroupCrooked Lake Park, Siren
Jul 185:00pmOutdoor Challenge/Team BuildingCrex Meadows, Grantsburg
Jul 199:00amBosom Buddies - Breastfeeding SupportFRC, Siren
Jul 2010:00amPlaygroupCrooked Lake Park, Siren
Jul 2410:00am
PlaygroupCrooked Lake Park, Siren
Jul 269:00amBosom Buddies - Breastfeeding SupportFRC, Siren
Jul 2710:00amPlaygroupCrooked Lake Park, Siren
Jul 275:00pmSwim, kayak, picnic

Lindberg Park, Mudhen Lake

Jul 3110:00amPlaygroupCrooked Lake Park, Siren
Aug 15:30-8National Night Out - Community EventCrooked Lake Park, Siren
Aug 29:00amBosom Buddies - Breastfeeding SupportFRC, Siren
Aug 310:00amPlaygroupCrooked Lake Park, Siren
Aug 35:00pmPrenatal Breastfeeding GroupFRC, Siren
Aug 710:00amPlaygroupCrooked Lake Park, Siren
Aug 99:00amBosom Buddies - Breastfeeding SupportFRC, Siren
Aug 95:00pmOutdoor Family Fitness w/ Megs (w/ Swimming)Ralph Larabee Park, Danbury
Aug 1010:00amPlaygroupCrooked Lake Park, Siren
Aug 1410:00amPlaygroupCrooked Lake Park, Siren
Aug 145:00pmFamily Bike Ride on the GandyWebster
Aug 169:00amBosom Buddies - Breastfeeding SupportFRC, Siren

Aug 17

10:00amPlaygroupCrooked Lake Park, Siren
Aug 2110:00amPlaygroupCrooked Lk Park, Siren

Aug 23

9:00amBosom Buddies - Breastfeeding SupportFRC, Siren
Aug 2410:00amPlaygroupCrooked Lake Park, Siren
Aug 2810:00amPlaygroup

Crooked Lake Park, Siren

Aug 309:00amBosom Buddies - Breast Feeding SupportFRC, Siren
Aug 3110:00amPlaygroupCrooked Lake Park, Siren
Sept 69:00amBosom Buddies - Breastfeeding SupportFRC, Siren
Sept 710:00amPlaygroupCrooked Lake Park, Siren
Sept 75:00pmPrenatal Breastfeeding GroupFRC, Siren
Sept 1110:00amPlaygroupCrooked Lk Park, Siren


Burnett County Family Resource Center, INC

The FRC Has Moved!!!!!

Our new address is 24467 State Rd 35, Suite 5  - Siren. It is the old Lakeview Event Center which is now known as the Community Resource Learning Center. 

Fun and Fit Families Summer Program

Participate in activities (including playgroup, have fun, earn chances to win prizes. All activities are free! Join as we go outside in our county this summer and fall. Every time you participate in an activity you will earn "tickets" to win prizes at the fall finale on Oct 14 at Crex Meadows. We will have a kayak as the grand prize again. Additionally, youth ages 4-14 can get a pedometer from us and log your steps with the FRC. The top boy and girl stepper will win special prize at the end of the year. Check out the activities page for more details on the individual activities. Contact us and we can email or mail you the newsletter with a full listing. 

Meat Raffle Saturdays at T-Dawgs
Come and support the FRC on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month at T-Dawgs in Grantsburg  at 5:00pm. We will be running the
meat raffles.