Schedule of Events

Nov 19:00amBosom Buddies - Breast feeding supportFRC, Siren

Nov 2

5:00pmPrenatal Breast feeding groupFRC, Siren
Nov 210:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Nov 45:00pmMeat Raffle FundraiserT-Dawgs, Grantsburg
Nov 610:00amPlaygroup

FRC, Siren

Nov 8
Bosom Buddies cancelled
Nov 95;00pmLil' Chefs - MUST RSVP space limited

FRC, Siren

Nov  1310:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Nov 145:00pmThanksgiving Family NightFRC, Siren
Nov 159:00amBosom Buddies - Breast Feeding SupportFRC, Siren
Nov 1610:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Nov 185:00pmMeat Raffle FundraiserT-Dawgs, Grantsburg
Nov 2010:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Nov 22
Bosom Buddies - Cancelled 
Nov 23

Nov 24
Nov 2710:00amPlaygroup

FRC, Siren

Nov 299:00amBosom Buddies - Breast Feeding SupportFRC, Siren
Nov 3010:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Dec 25:00pmMeat Raffle FundraiserT-Dawgs, Siren
Dec 410:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Dec 69:00amBosom Buddies - Breast Feeding SupportFRC, Siren
Dec 710:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Dec 75:00pmPrenatal Breast Feeding GroupFRC, Siren
Dec 1110:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Dec 139:00amBosom Buddies - Breast Feeding GroupFRC, Siren
Dec 125:00pmFamily Fun - Holiday OrnamentsFRC, Siren
Dec 1410:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Dec 165:00pmMeat Raffle FundraiserT-Dawgs, Grantsburgq

Dec 18

10:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Dec 209:00amBosom Buddies - Breast Feeding GroupFRC, Siren

Dec 21

10:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Dec 215:00pmLil' Chefs - Holiday CookiesFRC, Siren
Dec 25

FRC, Siren

Dec 27
Bosom Buddies - Cancelled
Dec 2810:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Jan 111:00New Years Day Party and LunchFRC, Siren
Jan 39:00amBosom Buddies - Breast feeding groupFRC, Siren
Jan 410:00amPlaygroupFRC, Siren
Jan 45:00pmPrenatal Breast Feeding GroupFRC, Siren
Jan 6
5:00pmMeat Raffle FundraiserT-Dawgs, Grantsburg


is more important

than your family!

The FRC Has Moved!!!!!

Our new address is 24467 State Rd 35, Suite 5  - Siren. It is the old Lakeview Event Center which is now known as the Community Resource Learning Center. 

Casino Night - Fundraiser!

Our annual Casino Night Fundraiser is January 27 from 6:00-10:00pm  at the T-Dawgs event center in Grantsburg.  There will be bingo, games, food, and music. Advance tickets are $10 or 2 for $15. Tickets will be available at the door. Please come out and support the FRC!


Burnett County Family Resource Center, INC